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Who I Am

Hi, I'm Marco, a mobile developer living in Portugal. I've been a programmer for more than 10 years, doing stuff for the desktop and for the web.
Now my efforts are on mobile, since I really believe it's the future of how we relate with the world and with each other.

Drop me a message if you would like to be on the edge.

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  • LMP iPhone App
  • Monstro Criativo
  • Cosmimpor
  • Hawaii Lisboa
  • Havana

Mobile Development

Using Appcelerator Titanium Mobile to build and deliver high-end and native applications for both iOS and Android. Code 'once', deliver everywhere. Sounds good?

Web Development

Enjoyed working with Django, a Python Web Framework, which allows a rapid design. I'm focused on pushing the new HTML5 in what I get my hands on.

Application Development

Large experience with application development and design using Python, Perl, GTK, SOAP, CORBA, JSON, SQL, Twisted and some others.

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